ThinCan DBE63: Green Computing with Style
Artec's green computing solution — the ThinCan™ — has won numerous awards, as early as the 1990's, for its innovative design. Energy-efficient, small and completely noise-free, the ThinCan — is ideal for business, educational and governmental organizations that desire a maintenance-free and unobstructive desktop computing solution.
Energy efficient, small and noise free thin client or small footprint stand alone solution.


ThinCans in use


Consumes 5W of electricity — 25 times less than a traditional PC. ThinCan™ complies with all applicable CE, FCC, RoHS environmental standards. Comes housed inside a recyclable lightweight aluminum enclosure.

Conserves Space

ThinCan™ takes up as much space on a desk as a coffee mug. Its rugged aluminum housing with rubber bumpers makes it tolerant to almost any environment.


No data can leave the premises on floppy disks or any other media. Intruder data may not be introduced to the server. Only the picture on the screen and the user input travel through the network, greatly enhancing data security.


ThinCan's startup sequence takes just 6 seconds - faster than any desktop PC. Since the application software runs on the constantly operating central server, the performance of the application software is generally more robust than it would be on a desktop machine.


ThinCan™ DBE63 has no fan or other breakable moving parts. You will not hear disturbing noise while it is operational.


ThinCan™ DBE63 comes without field-serviceable parts inside, they rarely fail and there is no need for costly on-site repairs. Should the need ever arise, replacing a defective ThinCan™ takes a few seconds and can be performed by an average user. To compare with traditional PC a thin client device ThinCan™ can be used till it amortizes (5-8 years) while the useful life of a PC is about 3 year.

Optimal Software Licensing

The shared software licensing policy allows dynamic usage of existing licenses as needed. For most software products that means one needs only as many licenses as the anticipated number of simultaneous users, rather than licenses for all possible users.

Open Source Software support

Artec Design works in close collaboration with the open source software developer community to ensure continued support for the ThinCan™ in Coreboot, the Linux® kernel and the graphics driver.

OEM Friendly

OEM can bulk order customized ThinCan™ products, as a low-power small-footprint solution running on embedded versions of Linux® or Windows and equipped with special hardware features to match the OEM's own particular network appliance needs.
User Interface

ThinCan™ DBE63 as a standalone solution

ThinCan™ DBE63 can be used as a standalone small footprint solution with or without connection to a central server. Running all necessary processes (applications) on CompactFlash memory, makes ThinCan™ DBE63 ideal for dedicated applications e.g. interactive kiosk.
ThinCan™ DBE63 also supports Windows Embedded Standard OS.